Friday, January 11, 2013

An Iris in Oil - Giving It A Try

Oil on canvas board 9x12
Many, many years ago before I really got started in watercolor I painted some with oils - mainly in a more decorative painting style but I did enjoy the soft, buttery feel of them. I recently pulled them out again and decided to give them a try. I love painting irises in watercolor but sometime long to be able to paint lights on top of darks so I really enjoyed the process - not sure I am ready to switch full time to oils but it is always good to streatch our creative wings!


  1. I love this piece! Maybe this challenge will help you get out your oils more often!

  2. There is a richness to this painting I really like.
    Watercolor gives a beautiful translucent glow but not always the rich volume and active surface of the oils so if you can go back and forth between the two mediums you can enjoy the strengths of both. Lucky you!

  3. Thanks ladies - it was fun to get back to oils if only for a little while:)

  4. Very nice..Carol R.