Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Acrylic and Collage Mixed Media Floral on Canvas

Acrylic and Collage - 16x20 gallery wrap canvas
As a change of pace I painted this bouquet of flowers with acrylics and collage. I began with a loose painting with acrylics on canvas and then collaged on pieces of rice paper in different colors and texture. Then, more apinting for definition, more collage and so forth until I decided it was finished - not always an easy task!
In this detail photo you can see some of the fun colors and textures from the rice papers.
I painted this on a gallery waraped canvas that can be hung as is or slipped into a standard size 16x20 frame. You can bid on this piece at my Daily Paintworks Art Auctions here

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  1. Dear Martha - this is a lovely piece - makes me want spring to come soon. Take care and God Bless.