Monday, July 16, 2012

Painting Thru Tissue Paper and SPRING HARMONY

Watercolor 11x15

This painting was started as a demo for my weekly classes. I began by wetting the watercolor paper and then laying a piece of regular tissue paper that had been crinkled some on top. I then applied the wateroclors as if I were doing a regular wet on wet painting. The paint will soak thru the tissue creating fantastic texure in the underpainting. When all was dry I removed the tissue and finished up the flowers using alot of negative paiting. This is a great way to loosen up your painting style!
You can bid on this painting and check out my other Auction Art at my Daily Paintworks Gallery here


  1. Great idea to use the tissue paper.This painting is so beautiful, is just perfect..

    Watercolor Lessons

  2. Martha what a beautiful painting, using tissue paper is one of my favorite ways to watercolor as you know I need to loosen up ha.....carol reedy