Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Watercolor Batik, Creative Fun and Margaritas!

I taught a wonderful group of students on Saturday for a Watercolor Batik Workshop. It started out focusing on tulips but some of the repeat students wanted to paint sunflowers or create their own design and as you can see above, they all turned out beautifully!
Watercolor Batik is a fun and artistic process where we use melted wax for a resist and watercolor paints for color similar to the age old process on fabric. By the time we iron off all the wax at the end of the day it is always a wonderful surprise to see the final creative results!
We have Janet to thank for the wonderful photos of the batik paintings and for the delicious margaritas. Janet painted the lovely day lilies, her original design!
Janet's daughter Anna who just graduated from West Point - taking some time to be creative before she heads off to Helicopter Flight Training - brains, beauty and artistic talent!

Hope you can join me for one of my fun and creative workshops -  complete schedule here.

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  1. Hi Martha,
    I love the way you do the batik.Never do it before. I do my batik on rayon and used chanting!