Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Southern Lace and Stretching Creatively

Watercolor 8x10

It is easy to get in a comfortable rut with our painting - certain subjects, techniques, colors, brush strokes - that we have used over and over and know we will be successful with. But every so often it is a good idea to shake things up a little, stretch our creative wings, increase our art vocabulary.

In my Tuesday morning watercolor class this week we played around with adding the look of lace to a floral painting. I asked the students to bring in some of their unfinished pieces or paintings they were frustrated with (we all seem to have a stack of those) and we used doillies as stencils to create the look of lace, enhancing it with negative painting and soft edges.

I began with an unfinished painting of a white magnolia and a few leaves and ended up with a soft, romantic look in Southern Lace - sometimes you just need to take a different path on your own Creative Journey!

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