Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fresh Crab and Home Sweet Home in Charleston

Watercolor 11x15

Our oldest daughter Laura and her husband Eric have a beautiful home in John's Island which is one of the many islands in and around the coastal city of Charleston, SC. Their dog Copper - a gentle giant - felt like he should be in the picture, too!
The first morning we were there, Eric went out in his kayak for fresh crabs for our dinner - what a guy!
Then, he spent alot of time cleaning, cracking and digging out fresh meat so that he could make crab dip and crab cakes - they were delicious and we enjoyed every last morsel!
While he was busy spoiling us, the girls enjoyed a few games of Corn in the Hole where you try to get bean bags in the wooden hole or on the board for points. You can see Lisa laughing at my mom doing her celebration dance after scoring - too cute!

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