Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Your Creativity on This Valentine's Day

Watercolor 11x15
Nothing says romance better than a bouquet of beautiful roses! Here's hoping you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. We are all blessed with creative talents of some sort - painting, crafting, cooking, decorating, gardening - and need to remember to Love Your Creativity! Here are some ideas for ways to do that
- Show gratitude for your creativity. Say thank you for all the ideas, energy and inspirations you get each and everyday. Acknowledge you ARE creative daily.
- Tempt it with something new that intrigues you. What have you been thinking about creating lately? Go for it.
- Use your creativity for someone you love. Share your creative gift, write a poem, bake a cake, make a valentine, sing a love song.
- Create something meaningful for your studio, home or office. Surround yourself with your creative work.
- Find kindred spirits who will support, motivate and inspire you. Spend time with them.

Say I LOVE BEING CREATIVE to yourself daily - and mean it!

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