Friday, December 2, 2011

Experimental Painting - Go For It!

Watercolor on gessoed paper - 11x15

I love to use my watercolor in unexpected ways and see what happens. No other medium is as spontaneous and unpredictable as watercolor. For Sunburst, I used a piece of 140 lb watercolor paper that had been coated with gesso and started applying paint - no sketching first - no value studeies - just let the paint do its thing on a slick surface. Drips, runs, colors mixing - sometimes glorious surprises, other times disaster - all the while trying to think about design, shape, color and value.

The experimental artist starts by asking a question: “What would happen if…..if I let these two colors merge - if I painted on a different surface - if I collaged on some interesting shapes…if I scrunched up plastic wrap and left it there until the painting dried?”  It can be scary to step outside your comfort zone and risk failure - but you will definitely grow as an artist, learn new techniques and come away with unexpectied creative results!

Are you ready to experiment? Step outside of your comfort zone? What creative surprises have you experienced?

I shared this with Paint Party Friday