Monday, November 28, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge 47 and 48 - Pumpkin Patch

Original Watercolor - 8x10

The Creative Challenge last week was to use complementary colors in your painting. Since we were painting fall subjects in my Tuesday morning class I decided to combine the two and use the complementary colors blue and orange for a pumpkin painting. I changed things up a bit by using manganese blue instead of ultra marine (which is more traditional) and used Cheap Joe's Halloween Orange - a very fun color! I kept the background loose and suggestive.

Creative Monday Challenge #48 - it is always a good idea to place objects in your composition in odd numbers instead of even - three is better than two. Keep this idea in mind as you plan your composition this week.


  1. Ah Martha! You exceeded Orange color possibilities! Your Orange glows from inside :)
    Thank you

  2. Thanks Irina - I used American Journey Halloween Orange - a great color and very popular with my students!