Sunday, August 28, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #34 - Sunflower Basket

Original Acrylic - 9x12 canvas board
$50 - Buy Here

The Creative Challenge this week was to paint sunflowers - any style, as many as you wanted. For a change of pace I am showing an acrylic painting done in a more decorative style. Before I really began painting in watercolor I enjoyed several years of Decorative Painting - lots of flowers, fruits and holiday scenes painted on canvas, wood and even glass. I loved every minute of it and it built my confidence to branch out and try other mediums and subjects. How did you get started painting?

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  1. once again, Martha... another beautiful painting ! you should see my sunflowers in my garden... amazing ! will take photos... I will be able to paint a lot more since getting cut on 09/30... wooHOOO.. see you soon! JanetC