Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming Soon - Watercolor Collage Workshop

Watercolor Collage

I had a Watercolor Batik Workshop last Saturday with a wonderful group of students. It is always so much fun to spend the day with other artists and to see their excxitement when they iron off the final layers of wax on their batiks and get to see the results of their creative efforts. So far (knock on wood) everyone who has tried the watercolor batiks has gone home happy!

The next workshop will be on Sat. Sept 17, 2011 and we will be doing a Watercolor Collage similar to the one shown above. We will spend the day painting tissue and rice papers and then incorporating them into a watercolor painting of cactus and flowers. Hope you can join us for another fun and creative day!
Click here for more information about the workshop.

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