Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Club 47 Challenge - Random Act of Kindness Day 9 - Watercolor Batik SOLD

Original Watercolor Batik - 12x19

Bird on a Fence is the other Watercolor Batik that was purchased by Julie, a doctor from kansas. She is an internist and is joining a new practic that focuses on women's health. I feel very honored that she will have some of my artwork hanging in her offices.

Kindness #9 - My husband has been busy working on a big pick up truck for his brother and has spend alot of time out in the hot sun doing repairs nad body work. He said he needed to wash the truck and when I volunteered to help he nearly fell over in shock - I think he is liking this new kindness thing!


  1. I like your batiks, Martha. I've always been fascinated with batik, but my studio is such a mess with mixed media stuff all over, I can't imagine adding wax and batik stuff into the mess.
    Browsing around your blog, I just came across your Artist in Residence up in Breck. That's fantastic. Maybe I should check that out for the future.

  2. Thanks Carol - you should definitely look into the program in Breckenridge.