Sunday, July 24, 2011

Club 47 Challenge - Day 27 - Creative Monday Challenge #29

Original Watercolor - 16x20 Matted
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The Creative Challenge this week was to use an oval format for your composition. Several years ago I found these wonderful double mats with the oval cut centers that I have used for several different paintings. For Leaves and Berries I used several real leaves to stamp on the paper and then came back with alot of negative painting to define shapes, add more leaves and create berries scattered in the background. I used cool colors - blues, greens and lavendars - to complement the color of the mat.

Kindness #27 - The other day when I dropped some things off at Goodwill I asked the attendent if he was staying cool. He said it was pretty hot but he really appreciated me asking. How often do we forget to take the time to ask about others as we hurry through our day.

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  1. Martha, you are so right when you say that we need to take the time to ask others about their day it could make their day.....Carol