Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birds, A Tree and the Alamo

Original Watercolor - 11x15
$60 - Buy Here

I love this cute little bird sitting in an evergreen tree with bright red berries all around. I wet the paper first so that I could create a soft, out of focus background for the tree branches and bird.
This real life blue bird has been back to our house each spring for several years to nest in our Alamo Birdhouse.
My Dad made this birdhouse has many years ago and designed it after the Alamo in San Antonio, TX. You don't grow up in the Lone Star State like I did without learning all about the Battle at the Alamo where Texans fought and died for their independence and to make Texas a country of its own - Remember the Alamo!


  1. Martha, what a sweet little bird painting and you were so lucky to have a blue bird nest in your yard in such a unique birdhouse!

  2. Martha, I love your little bird painting, the bird house your dad made is adorable, do you have a name for the blue bird? :-)