Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two Pears, a Pair and a Corvette

Original Watercolor - 8x10

It seems like pears are a popular subject in the art world lately so I decided to give it a try but not just do your standard fruit painting. I lightly sketched in the two pears, wet the paper while randomly leaving some dry spots and painted in green, orange and purple being careful to maintain some of my whites - also threw on a little salt for texture. When everything dried I painted the background around the pears and used a stanp with lettering on it to add more interest. I had alot of fun painting A Pair of Pears and using unexpected color, shapes and texture created a more dynamic piece of art.

Well, you saw the Two Pears now here is the Corvette with a Pair of Girls - our daughters Laura and Lisa. My brother-in-law and his wife drove four hours to come to my Dad's memorial service a few weeks ago and it meant the world to me. They also let the girls drive their shiny, white Corvette - don't they look cute!

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