Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea With The Artists

Every year as part of the Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making Art Program an Artist Tea is put on to honor some of the artists from each Care Community in Colorado Springs, CO. Above is the signature painting for the event and a photo and biography of the artist who created it. Notice the pretty tea cups with flowers and a paint brush!

All of the paintings are created by artists with some form of dementia who participate in the Memories in the Making art program. Expressing themselves verbally may be more difficult than it use to be but painting allows them to communicate visually and express their creativity. Each painting is matted and framed and displayed with information about the artist.

Here is on of the artists with her daughter on the left and her art facilitator from her care community on the right posing in front of her painting of a bird. Each artist was given a small framed print of their artwork to take home with them.

As each artist was recognized during the tea a volunteer pinned a special corsage on them. It was so cute to see them all dressed up wearing their pretty flowers.

Another artist with her daughter enjoying tea, scones and finger sandwiches. Sometimes the artist does not remember that they painted their picture or why they are at the tea but they know they are being honored and are with family and you can see it by the wonderful smiles on their faces.

As the art coordinator for the Memories in the Making program here in Colorado Springs I love this day every year when the program, the artists and their paintings and are celebrated in such a grand style.

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