Saturday, April 23, 2011

Favorite Beach?

Original Watercolor - 18x27 matted

Another beach painting on its way to a new home. I think everyone, including myself, is getting ready for summer.  Each August before school started, my family would vacation at Padre Island - a long, skinny island along the coast of Texas. Most people head to the north end near Galveston and many miles of the center section of the island is state park but we always went to the south end near the Mexico border. As kids, there was only one motel to stay in and three places to eat dinner - we loved it. So many great memories of vacationing with my parents and brother, my husband proposed to me there and later we brought our three little kids to play in the sand and body surf the waves. I have been to other beaches in Hawaii, Rhode Island, Mexico and South Carolina but my summer heart will always be in South Padre Island.

Where is does your summer heart live? Do you have a favorite beach? Vacation memories from childhood? I would love to hear them as we all head towards the easy days of summer living!

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