Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative Journey - Dive or Wade?

Original Watermedia Collage - 14x20
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Are you someone who likes to dive into something new or wade in slowly? As an artist do you like to carefully research a new technique or idea, do small studies first or do you like to quickly gather all your supplies, start applying paint and see what happens?

My background is in engineering and architecture so I had many years of careful planning, detailed drawings, and precision calculations so when I discovered watercolor I was drawn to the free flowing, spontaneity of the medium. I loved the way the colors would move and mix on wet paper creating loose, soft edged shapes. Then the challenge was to try and create a finished piece from such an unplanned beginning. Now I love to experiment by combining watercolor with other mediums, adding collage papers and painting on different surfaces.

Geranium Morning started out with small pieces of colored tissue collaged on illustration board. I then used acrylics to paint the pots, flowers and leaves. A little more collage and some gesso to negative paint the background and I had a totally different piece than my normal watercolors.

On your Creative Journey are you a diver or a wader?

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