Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charleston Wedding

Luckily for all of you we don't have the over two thousand official wedding photos that were taken this weekend at our daughter's wedding but I could not resist sharing a few family ones.

This is our oldest daughter Laura and her fiance Eric at the rehearsal dinner last thursday. They got married in Charleston, SC - a beautiful city!

Here is Laura with her bridesmaids having fun at the reception. Both the ceremony and the festivities afterwards were at Legare Waring House - a beautiful southern home located in an historic park area. They were married under arched trees with hanging spanish moss and the food and dancing took place around the beautiful grounds of the house, pond and fountain.

Laura getting ready to throw the bouquet to all of those single gals!

Laura and Eric driving off to start their new life together. We had a fantastic five day with family and friends that came from Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas to help us celebrate their marriage. I cannot begin to tell you how very special it all was and we feel extremely blessed to welcome such a wonderful new son-in-law into the family!


  1. Congratulations Martha! How exciting, and your daughter is just beautiful.

  2. Thanks Nancy - we had a wonderful time!