Saturday, March 12, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #10 - SHADES OF PEACH

The Creative Challenge this week was to wet both sides of the paper and paint quickly, trying to get as much of the painting done as you can before the paper dries. You can see above that I accomplished quite a bit - the flowers, buds, stems, a few leaves. As the top of the paper begins to dry the water is still trapped on the back side, keeping the paper moist enough that you can continue getting soft edges while stlarting to define shapes with some negative painting.

Original Watercolor  - 11x15
$60 - Buy Here 

You can see in the final piece that after the paper was completely dry I continued to refine shapes, add details and finished with some calligraphy - a few twigs and stems.


  1. that is beautiful !!! wow ser ! I love peach color - JanetC

  2. Thanks Janet - my favorite color, too.