Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breckenridge Batik - Island Flowers

Original Watercolor Batik  - 16x18
$125 - Buy Here

With the cold weather we keep having I am definitely ready for some warm island breezes. Since that probably isn't going to happen here in Colorado I guess the next best thing would be to paint something tropical.

This painting is an example of the Watercolor Batiks that I will be working on in Breckenridge as an Artist in Residence in November. The process is similar to the age old batik process where melted wax is used as a resist but instead of fabric and dye I use watercolor and rice paper. By the time the entire piece is covered with wax and I am ready to iron it off I have no idea what the finished piece will look like. This process creates a unique look and it is always exciting to see the final painting!

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