Sunday, January 30, 2011

Watercolor Collage Workshop - Tulips

I taught a Watercolor Collage workshop yesterday and we had a great day - lots of fun and creativity!
Here I am painting white tissue paper and rice papers with watercolor - the first step.
After they dry they will be used as collage pieces.
Then I lightly sketched some tulips and leaves and painted wet on wet the basic colors I wanted in the painting. For the demo I decided to work vertically and use more yellow than the original piece.
Here I have started gluing on (using matte medium) some of the tissue paper that I painted and some that is already decorative (store bought). I tear shapes instead of using scissors to keep it more organic. I am concentrating on the tulip shapes and some of the leaves. I put some of the pink swirl tissue in the back ground around the leaves to carry the pink thru the composition.
After I collaged on the tissue I went in with watercolor and painted around some of the tulips and defined some leaves. Then I returned to collage adding more colored tissue and some decorative rice paper in to the background. I decided there was too much space at the bottom so I cropped it to make it a square. I love the spring colors and all of the movement but feel that it is a little too busy. I will live with it for a few days and then go back in with paint and maybe some more collage to add a few darks.

The original Tulip Watercolor Collage can be found for sale on Etsy - $60 - 11x15 inches Click Here

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