Friday, December 31, 2010


Here is the last painting with an oval mat. Sometimes I finish a painting and then decide I like the look of an oval around it and other times I start the painting with that shape in mind as I did with this one. When I painted this I wet both sides of the paper (when the top starts to dry the water from the back keeps the paper moist) and I applied soft background colors using the primatries - red, yellow and blue. Then, working quickly, I started painting the peach blossoms and the greenery. As the paper starts to dry some I continue refining the shapes using positive and negative painting. This technique gives a nice soft glow to the overall painting.

Peach Blossoms - $55 - original watercolor sold in a 16x20 double mat with an oval center cut. This painting is available for purchase using PayPal at my Etsy Store. Click Here

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