Monday, November 7, 2011

Breckenridge and Creative Monday Challenge 44 & 45

Original Watercolor - 11x15

The Creative Challenge last week was to finish up one of your paintings that has been sitting around waiting for some love. With all of the classes that I teach I am always starting a painting as a demo to show the students the main idea for the day but then spend the rest of the class giving individual help to everyone. My goal as a teacher is to inspire everyone to find their own artistic style and not just copy mine, so Iusually end up a stack of half finished paintings.
The above painting is one that I brought with me to Breckenridge and I managed to get it finished yesterday. This class demo began with wetting the paper and then painting in some light background colors. Using more paint and less water, I painted the flowers shapes, some leaves and the suggestion of berries. To finish the painting I gave more definition to the existing flower petals and leaves and added a few more berries and leaves to balance out the composition.
Creative Monday Challenge #45 - paint a ribbon in your painting. It can be a challenge to create depth and direction with something as soft and supple as a ribbon so pay attention to your values.

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