Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #41 - Fall Leaves

Original Watercolor - 11x15

The Creative Challenge last week was to paint fall leaves. Every year in my classes we bring in real leaves and use them as stamps to get wonderful leaf impressions on our paintings. For Fall Blues I first wet the paper and painted in some blues and purples for the background using a cruciform composition design. When that was dry, I took a real leaf and painted watercolor on the back and them stamped it on to the painting, creating wonderful leaf shapes and vein details. It doesn't always work perfectly but that just adds to the artistic effect. I then used negative painting to further define the shapes and add some leaves in the background. I added some warm burnt sieena to balance out the cool tones of the blues and purple.

I know I am a day late posting this but my camera decided to stop working and I had to wait for the new one to arrive - maybe I should call it the Creative Tuesday Challenge!