Monday, June 27, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #25 - HOME SWEET HOME

Original Watercolor Collage - 15x22 image size
Sold with White Mat - 20x27
$125 - Buy Here

The Creative Challenge was to use collage as the main element of your artwork. I began Home Sweet Home with a simple drawing on 300lb watercolor paper and then used light washes of paint to create a road map for the collage. I gathered a variety of rice paper and hand painted the white decorative ones with different shades of orange, green and purple. When they were dry I began the collage process by tearing the papers and using matte medium as glue.
In the detail photo above you can see the different patterns and colors of rice paper that I used. A black paper with small pieces of bark was placed for the roof of the cottage.
In this detail you can see where I came back in with some paint to create the flowers and reinforce the darks. The key with collage is to just keep layering - you can cover up areas that you don't like, change colors, paint a little and then go back to collage. Sometimes it is hard to go over an area that you have fallen in love with but I have leanred that the more layers of paint and paper, the greater sense of depth and mystery to the painting.

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