Monday, April 25, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #16 - Flower Power

Original Acrylic on canvas - 16x20
$85 - Buy Here

The Creative Challenge last week was to focus in on one object. I chose a large sunflower as my focal point and made sure that it was not placed in the center or too near any edge of the composition.

I used acrylic paints on a standard stretched canvas. Before beginning the painting gesso was used to create some random texture here and there on the canvas. I painted the background with acrylic thinned with water to create a washy effect. This close up shows the bubble wrap that was coated with gesso to stamp texture in the sunflower's center.

Here you can see more of the texture on the canvas and the letters that I stamped using gesso. A focal point can be created by using a larger object, more contrast, greater detail and brighter color - I actually used all four in this Flower Power painting!


  1. This is wonderful and so cheery, I am ready to plant sunflowers in the garden now!

  2. Hi Maria - sunflowers are one of my favorites to paint because they always make me smile, too!