Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #9 - COUNTRY LIFE

The Creative Challenge this week was to focus on incorporating Line - one of the Seven elements of Design - into your artwork. I used watercolor for the main areas of the composition and then came in with ink to add detail and linework. I usually start with the painting first and then when I start adding the ink I can take advantage of the shapes already formed with the paint.

In this close up of the building you can see how I have used the ink to emphasize some of the shapes created by the paint in the ground area. I also used ink for the windmill, trees and details of the house.

Country Life - $45 - 11x15 inches original watercolor. This painting is available for purchase using PayPal at my Etsy Store. Click Here

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  1. Oh Martha ! this is lovely and looks so easy, too ! JanetC