Saturday, February 19, 2011

Creative Monday Challenge #7 - My Painting

The Creative Challenge this week was to paint a body of moving water - not always an easy task. I chose to paint a Colorado mountain stream with some small rapids. I started by wetting the background area for the trees and painting in some blue for the sky and then yellows and greens for the trees. As the paper starts to dry it is important to use drier paint so that you don't get blossoms. I also lifted a few trees out. I then wet the area for the water and lightly painted some blue areas, keeping in miond the direction of the flowing water. I used some salt in the front to help suggest the churning water. I started painting some of the rocks using burnt sienna and ultramarine blue.
I added some details to the aspen trees and sugested some rocks around them. I continued working on the rocks by shading the areas behind a rock. I also started adding darks to the water at the base of the rocks and around the edges of the stream. I added more color and darks where the water changes direction.

Here is the final painting - as you can see I just continued to add darks and refine the rocks and water. A fun challenge - I think the key to painting water in watercolor is to wet the paper first and let the water do the work for you.

Rocky Stream - SOLD - 11x15 inches original watercolor.

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